Google Translate Does Long Book Titles

Dear Google Translate, you are the best and the worst.

These are unusually long book titles as re-re-re-re-translated by our dearest friend Google – can you guess what the original titles were? Some may be more obvious than others!

The Curious Incident of the Dog Night

I don’t know what this means but a Dog Night sounds pretty wonderful, right?

Worldwide, Do Not See

Is this a wise proverb or a stilted instruction? Who even knows.

Italy Hitchhiker Guide

A handy guide to free travel around…Italy. Actually that sounds handy.

The Agenda of Harijs and Felicia Ceramics

I don’t know what his agenda is, but it sounds shady as hell.


I can’t stop laughing at how this one came out – it was originally a three word title, and if you can guess it, you can seriously have the crown of Book Title Guessing.


Short and sweet, would read.

Killing a Crap Sword

I only had to put this through once, and it came back a masterpiece.

So If you have any idea what these beauties are, let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day.





Misleading Plot Blurbs

Before we get into this I just wanted to scribble a quick update: I’m moving to university TODAY!! I have a few posts pre-written so I’ll still be a regular presence, and I hope to continue blogging (although probably a bit less) through-out my studies.

Thank you, that will be all.

I took a really interesting quiz on the Barnes and Noble Book Blog (it’s a really good site, actually – who knew?) where famous books were summarised misleadingly. Anyway, it made me think, and I was inspired to dream up a few of my own:

1. An elderly man kidnaps a small child from her bed.

2. An unpleasant writer follows two teenagers half-way across the globe.

3. Some friends team up to murder a hoarder.

4. A pyromaniac suffering from depression and an excellent hairstyle finds her wings.

5. A deranged and racist gentleman hunts and attempts the murder of a cut of meat.

6. A cat-lover goes on an extended fishing trip.

7. A sweet-toothed atheist starts a scandal.

8. An abused child is pursued by a giant and taken from his family.

9. A fish gets hungry for no apparent reason.

10. Five Englishmen (give or take a Hungarian) hunt down an ambitious immigrant.

I chose books I feel are very well-known, so if you fancy having a guess feel free! Also if you’d like to share any of your own ‘misleading plot blurbs’, I’d love to read them.

Click here for the post with the answers!

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day!