Happy Birthday to My Sister!

October 23

It’s my little sister’s birthday today! I promised to mention her in a post today,¬†because she apparently reads the blog. In your honour, my dear, we’re going to talk about October 23rd through history.

  • October 23rd is the 296th day of the year, which means there are only 69 days left of 2014!
  • On this day in 1707 the first parliament of Great Britain met.
  • Today is also Ryan Reynolds’ (Green Lantern, The Croods, The Proposal) birthday!

Ryan Reynolds


  • Today is an unofficial holiday called ‘Mole Day’ among chemistry enthusiasts. If that’s actually interesting to you, the Wikipedia page explains a bit more.
  • In Hungary, 23rd October is their National Day. They’re celebrating with speeches and exhibitions.
  • On this day in 2001, Apple introduced the iPod.
  • According to the calculations of Archbishop John Ussher, the creation of the world began on October 23 4004 BC. Who knew?
  • On this day in 1814, the first plastic surgery was performed right here in England.
  • On this day in 1941, Disney’s Dumbo was realeased!



  • Les Miserables (the musical) opened in Paris on this day in 1991.
  • You also have the same birthday as¬†Fatmir Sejdiu. He was the president of Kosovo.
  • Michael Crichton shares your birthday, too! He wrote Jurassic Park.

T Rex, Jurassic Park


Happy birthday!

And for those of you reading who have your birthdays on other days, what famous events coincide with yours?

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!