Review: Never Fade – Alexandra Bracken

Never Fade – Alexandra Bracken – 4 stars

Never Fade

This is the second installment of the Darkest Minds trilogy, and if you loved the first one, it doesn’t disappoint!
It took me a while to get into, but I think it was more that I’d forgotten how to sit back and enjoy the story without over-analysing the writing than any real fault of the book. Ms Bracken does a fantastic job developing the plot and keeps up the high standard of story-telling that she started in The Darkest Minds.
My main problem with this book was the dialogue. There were a few points where people’s utterances just didn’t feel natural, and some of the conversations seemed to go around in circles more than necessary.
That said, some of my favourite scenes in this book were conversations. What I love about Alexandra Bracken is that although she writes great romance and nemesis scenes, she takes the time to develop some really touching friendships. One of the things that makes this series stand out to me is the emphasis on teamwork; it was wonderful to watch these characters supporting each other throughout everything.
Of course, we can’t forget about Bracken’s action writing – she’s not only sensitive, but knows when to move a scene along with an explosion or two!
A really well-balanced story that is a fantastic continuation to what I hope will become a great series.

If you’ve read this too, I’d love to know your thoughts! What are your predictions for the next book? Does anyone else ship Chubs and Vida like crazy?
Also, if you’ve read the novella In Time, did you find it necessary? I’m torn as to whether I should pick it up.

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day!