My Ratings

When I write book reviews, I’ll usually rate books out of 5 stars.

I realise a lot of people really dislike this method of rating, as there are so many variables in a book that it’s not particularly fair or clear to narrow it down to stars.

For me, the star rating is a measure of how much I enjoyed the book rather than how good I think it is (although that factor will obviously influence my enjoyment.)

That said, my rating a book 2 stars doesn’t mean it’s a bad book; it just means I wasn’t feeling it so much.

This is the Goodreads explanation of the star rating; this is what I usually go by.

1 star – didn’t like it

2 stars – it was ok

3 stars – liked it

4 stars – really liked it

5 stars – it was amazing!

I won’t review books I’ve rated 1 or 2 stars, just because it gets a bit negative and no-one wants their book reflected in that light. I’d hate to put someone who might have enjoyed something off reading it.

Happy reading!



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