Places in the Pages: Opéra National de Paris

The Phantom of the Opera (Gaston Leroux) is one of the most famous Parisian stories ever; much of its fame due to the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical adaptation. It’s creepy and dramatic and romantic, and all the things you would want from a tale set in this beast of an opera house:

Paris Opera House front

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

To this day, it still runs a variety of shows, but you can also go for a guided tour. The auditorium is open to the public when it’s not in use, and guys – it’s absolutely stunning.

Paris Opera House Auditorium

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

There’s even a chandelier! Given the history of this place, I’m not sure whether to be happy or concerned.

This building has played more than an aesthetic role in inspiring ‘The Phantom of the Opera’; in the 1890s, the chandelier actually fell and killed a member of the audience. There’s also a legend that a ballerina’s skeleton was found in the building.

The building is open for touring on Wednesdays and weekends, so next time I find myself in Paris, I’m definitely going to pop in and have a snoop around! (More information here)

If you’ve been here, I’d love to hear about your experience!

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Places in the Pages: A Room With a View

A Room With a View (E.M. Forster) is such a beautiful book, and is set both in Florence and England during Edwardian times. This post is going to describe the locations in Florence, Italy.

First up is ‘Pensione Bertolini’, which has since been closed and re-opened as Hotel degli Orafi. It’s a beautiful 4-star hotel in a Florentine building that dates back to the thirteenth century!

Hotel degli Orafi

If you’re familiar with the novel, you’ll recall the importance of some very famous attractions, like the statue of the Grand Duke of Ferdinand.

Grand Duke Ferdinand Statue

There’s also the Santa Croce Church; whose building dates to the thirteenth century, although the facade was built far more recently. It looks gorgeous!

Santa Croce

I’m desperate to go to Florence! If you’ve been, I’d love to hear about how you found it. What’s on your bookish travel list?

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Places in the Pages: Pride and Prejudice

In this new series of posts, I’ll be detailing what is basically my travel hit-list. I’ve collected a lot of locations that either appear in books, or have been a part of a movie adaptation.

Today’s post is about Joe Wright’s film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice (2005)There are some stunning locations that I’m just itching to visit in person!

  • Pictured is Chatsworth House (AKA, the Darcy residence). This stately home really is situated in Derbyshire, and offers a variety of activities and services (including weddings!). You can stay in one of their holiday cottages, or in one of the hotels on the estate. It blows my mind that people actually live there!

Chatsworth House

  • If it’s the ‘Bennett residence’ you fancy, try Groombridge Place. Again, these guys put on lots of events, and they have some award-winning gardens for you to stroll through. It looks absolutely stunning.

Groomsbridge House

  • And finally, sometimes you just want to stand on a dramatic rock formation and squint wistfully into the wind. You can stand where Lizzie stood! Just pop over to Stanage Edge. This is a breath-takingly beautiful bit of English countryside, not limited to handy cliff-tops for perusing.

Stanage Edge

Those are my Pride and Prejudice Locations! (Hint: click on the photos to see the sources!) I think they’re gorgeous – if you’ve already been, let me know what you thought!

Do you have a book-related travel wish-list?

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