21:8.17: Forget Not Yet

This is the fifth post in my ‘Peace Poems’ series; be sure to click through to the Category to see the rest of the posts.

Forget Not Yet – Thomas Wyatt

Forget not yet the tried intent
Of such a truth as I have meant;
My great travail so gladly spent,
            Forget not yet.
   Forget not yet when first began
The weary life ye know, since whan
The suit, the service, none tell can;
            Forget not yet.
   Forget not yet the great assays,
The cruel wrong, the scornful ways;
The painful patience in denays,
            Forget not yet.
   Forget not yet, forget not this,
How long ago hath been and is
The mind that never meant amiss;
            Forget not yet.
   Forget not then thine own approved,
The which so long hath thee so loved,
Whose steadfast faith yet never moved;
            Forget not this.

Girls not Brides.png

Today’s charity is called Girls not Brides. Maybe this one’s self explanatory – but this is an international partnership devoted to ending child marriage, so that girls can reach their full potential. Over 700 million women alive today were married as children. That’s a lot of people.

And this isn’t only about the emotional maturity of the girls; if they are forced into marriage too early, their bodies aren’t ready to cope with the stress of pregnancy, and they are far more likely to suffer complications.

So here’s where organisations like Girls not Brides come in. These people are empowering girls, giving them the knowledge and the skills to exercise their rights, and to forge their own place in their communities. They educate and support young people so that this vicious pattern of premature marriages can end.

And if you think this is something you could get behind, this page will give you more information on how you can join in with campaigning and fundraising.

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day! I’ll see you tomorrow for the next Peace Poems instalment.



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