My Favourite Libraries

Libraries are such special places for bookish people, and there are some absolute beauties out there. I’ve decided to throw together a little list of some of my favourites – enjoy!

Public Library – Ruscoe, South Dakota, USA

Ruscoe, SD library

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

How cute is this little thing? Apparently, it was built in the 1930’s by a group of eight women called the Priscilla Embroidery Club. They worked with their husbands to build the library, and then took turns to work as the librarian. Sadly, it closed in 2002, but for a while it was the smallest known library in the States.

Strahov Monastry Library – Prague, Czech Republic

Photo Credit: All That Is Interesting

Photo Credit: All That Is Interesting

How utterly stunning is this? Featuring a section on theology and one on philosophy, this library is rich in not only books, but preserved manuscripts and one fancy gift shop.

Trinity College Library – Ireland


Photo Credit: Irish Welcome Tours

Not only is this library flipping beautiful, LOOK AT ALL THE BOOKS.This is Ireland’s biggest library, and it’s home to a really famous 800 year old manuscript called ‘Book of Kells’ – written by Celtic monks. I think that’s so cool!

Jay Walker’s Private Library – USA

JW Private Library

Photo Credit: Aaron Tang

Wired called this “the most amazing library in the world”, and I can kind of understand why! It’s absolutely crammed full of not only a tonne of books, but an array of rarities – including a Sputnik, a list of plague mortalities from the 1600’s, and books bound in rubies.

Raza Library – Rampur, India

Raza Library

Photo Credit: Mental Floss

This is some of the most beautiful architecture I’ve ever seen. This library was built just over a hundred years ago, and it used to be a part of a palace (does that surprise you, though?) It’s protected by the Indian government, and is home to a vast collection of manuscripts, hand-written palm leaves and miniature paintings.

So those were a couple of my favourites! Which libraries would you love to visit?

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day.



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