Month In Books: October 2014

This month has been really crazy for me! I started university and have been learning how to motivate myself to get to lectures and study independently, but also how to cook and do laundry and basically maintain myself as a human being. I’ve met so many new people and have tried a lot of new things. All this is fantastic, but it does mean that I have read next to nothing!

Anyway, here is my reading wrap-up for last month.

It Shouldn’t Happen to a Missionary – Alf Cooper – 5 stars This is an autobiographical account of evangelist Alf Cooper. He talks about his time training and learning about the Christian faith, and then about his work in Chile. It’s a really great read: funny, honest and fairly succinct!

Frankenstein – Mary Shelley – 3 stars I will admit to being a little disappointed by this acclaimed classic…it didn’t really scare, intrigue or incite in me any real sympathy for any of the characters. It did, however, make me think, and I wrote a post about the ethics of Frankenstein here.

The Waste Land – TS Eliot – 4 stars I think this one’s going to need a re-read! I picked it up mostly because I felt I really needed to be able to say I had read some Eliot prose, but I’m glad I did! His writing is fantastic, and this piece is very weird and will probably mess with your head!

Love Words: The Self and the Text in Medieval and Renaissance Poetry – Mariann Sanders Regan – 4 stars This book is choc-full of interesting points and theories about the subject, if you’re into that sort of thing (or if you happen to have an essay to write on Renaissance poetry!)

The Night of the Mi’raj – Zoe Ferarris – 5 stars I loved this book! It’s a murder mystery set in Saudi Arabia, and the already twisted and clever plot is further complicated by the orthodox Muslim rules and norms in place. It was both an insight into a totally different culture and a transportation into a really wonderful story.

And that’s all I got through last month! If you’ve read or are planning to read any of these, let me know! What were your favourite books of October?

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day!




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