Old English Riddles #1

I came across some Old English riddles (translated by Richard Hamer), and they felt very Hobbit-esque, so I thought I’d share. This is from a tenth-century manuscript, but the item described is still very well-known today. See if you can guess what the writer is presenting!

I am a lonely being, scarred by swords,

Wounded by iron, sated with battle-deeds,

Wearied by blades. Often I witness war,

Perilous fight, nor hope for consolation,

That any help may rescue me from strife

Before I perish among fighting men;

But hammered swords, hard edged and grimly sharp,

Batter me, and the handwork of the smith

Bites in the castles; I must ever wait

A contest yet more cruel. I could never

In any habitation find the sort

Of doctor who could heal my wounds with herbs;

But cuts from swords ever increase on me

Through deadly contest, both by day and night.

What do you think? I wasn’t sure how to hide the answer, so I’m just linking you up to the Wikipedia page – follow the link for the solution!

Let me know what your guess was, and whether you got it right.

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day!



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