Michael Morpurgo on Writing

I love Michael Morpurgo’s stories! One of my most treasured books is ‘Singing for Mrs Pettigrew: A story-maker’s journey’, which is a compilation of a few short stories, interspersed with chapters on how he writes and advice for other story-tellers. I wanted to share a little bit of his wisdom, and I hope it inspires you as much as it does me!

[The] process of story-making and story-telling is for everyone…we all of us have the seedcorn of stories inside us…it is simply a question of planting it and encouraging it to grow.


To have read widely and deeply, to have soaked oneself in the words and ideas of other writers, to have seen what is possible and wonderful, to have listened to the music of their words and to have read the work of the masters must be a help for any writer discovering his own technique, her own voice.


The story will be written when the moment is right.


First immerse yourself in the world about you, become part of it, then you’ll be able to write.


Don’t pretend. Tell your tale. Speak with your own voice. We are what we write, I think, even more than we are what we read.


For a story to resonate, to captivate the reader, a writer has to make the unbelievable believable.


Are there any other Michael Morpurgo fans out there? What do you think of his advice?

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day!



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