The End Is…Nigh?

I really enjoy reading post-apocalyptic literature, and there’s so much coming out at the moment! I took on this craze as a kind of writing challenge, and I wanted to share it with you too: What is the wackiest apocalypse you can think of? What is the one way the world as we know it could end that no-one ever saw coming?

Here’s mine!

We never knew. After the first break-out, we laughed in their faces.We’re bigger. We’re stronger. They outnumbered us from the start.
We farmed them, before. We called them dumb and shut them away in the cyclic rhythm of our total control. We harvested them, killed them off as we pleased. We thrived. And then they fought back.
We don’t know what made them snap; what shifted in our relationship. Maybe one too many mothers were deprived of their children, or one too many fathers snatched away from their families.
We blessed them with space and called them happy and free as they picked at our crumbs. For years, we smiled down at them as we chose which neck to twist first. We built fences around them and said they were ‘safe’, but what we really meant was ‘ours’.
The first time they killed a man, we called him stupid. It was almost laughable: how could a grown man be over-powered by…them? Then the second and the the third and the fourth deaths filtered into our news, until we became the statistics and they became the threat.
We scattered and they flocked, breeding in the shadows and nesting in the spaces between our strongholds.
It took months. We fought back, of course. We killed hundreds of them. But the role-change was irrevocable. We had lost our place as head of the food chain.
We were forced back to the rivers; to the lakes and seas where they couldn’t reach us.

We still see them, occasionally: lined up on the shoreline, clawing at the ground with taloned feet and fluttering golden feathers. A warning, but also a taunt.
Who, they say through yellow beaks, is chicken now?

Hope you enjoyed it! If you decide to take up the challenge, I’d love to read yours.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!



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