Review: Get Unstuck, Be Unstoppable – Valorie Burton

Thank you to Harvest House Publishers and Net Galley for letting me read this!

Get Unstuck, Be Unstoppable – Valorie Burton – 5 stars

Publication Date: 1 October 2014

Get Unstuck, Be Unstoppable

This is a Christian self-help book, written by a life coach who clearly knows what she’s talking about. And you know what? It’s really fantastic.

I opened the book fully aware that I was planning to review it, but as soon as I read the introduction, I knew that it was genuinely capable of changing my life.

If you feel like you’re in a relationship, job or situation where you are completely at a dead-end, and don’t know how to move forward, can I encourage you to pick up this book? Valorie Burton has chosen a painfully relevant topic to talk about, and has approached it in a way that is 100% relateable. She addresses universal issues with a firm honesty and the empathy of someone who’s been there before.

My advice to anyone picking up this book is to go in open, and determined to be completely honest with yourself. A book can only take you half way! Determine to answer every question, pray every prayer and declare every declaration thoughtfully, and from the heart.

The book is split up within its chapters into true stories, key points, prayers and good sturdy advice. I thought the structure was great; there were bitesize chunks that were meaty, and yet digestible. (Please excuse my over-use of food metaphor!)

The whole thing is practical and perceptive, challenging and constructive. I really believe a lot of people are going to benefit from this book on so many levels.

There were a few issues dealt with that I didn’t connect with (for example, I don’t work and I’m not married), and it was obviously written with the aim of empowering women, when I thought that men could really be helped out by it too.

As for making the book personal, various online quizzes are recommended and cited, and having tried them myself (I’m a sucker for an online quiz) I’d really recommend them. Obviously no online quiz can know you inside out within a few questions, but I found that the insight worked really well alongside the book.

To conclude РI absolutely recommend this book; I hope that it will help other people as much as it helped me!

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day.



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