Review: Disappearing in Plain Sight – Francis L. Guenette

I recieved this book as part of Rosie Amber‘s Book Review Team (and I’d like to apologise to all involved for how late this review is!)

Disappearing in Plain Sight – Francis L. Guenette – 3.5 stars

Disappearing in Plain Sight

What a book! The novel follows the stories of various residents in the little community at Crater Lake. With stunning sensitivity and an acute awareness of the importance of historically complete stories, Francis weaves together these broken and touching lives into a tale of emotional healing.

The writer has a real flair for her craft; even at the points where the plot slowed down and I started to worry that not much else would happen, Ms. Guenette’s writing carried me through. If you’re reading this too, my advice to you is to keep going, because the ending will blow your socks off!

Something I really loved about this book was the insight into the world of counselling. I loved experiencing the fantastic character development both through my eyes and through a professional lens.

I want to re-iterate my point about character development; by the end of the book I felt so proud of the characters I had drawn close to throughout the story. Tears were shed as I reached the last few pages!

Heavy and bold issues are dealt with un-oppressively; although the characters have to deal with some horrific experiences, the book itself is not a dead-weight so much as a journey. The story is sprinkled with humour that – for the most part – went over my little British head, but I’m pretty sure that’s a cultural thing.

In all, this novel is a candid, tasteful, and sympathetic account of intertwining stories and – ultimately – healing and a very satisfying finale.


If you’ve read this too, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day.



6 thoughts on “Review: Disappearing in Plain Sight – Francis L. Guenette

  1. Great review, Dani. This book was a vacation read for me in 2013, and I felt the same way about it. Something about Fran’s way with words drew me in and the characters kept me right there on the shores of Crater Lake. The ending blew me away, too. There is a sequel, too, called the Light Never Lies. It’s been next up on my TBR list for some time now. Looking forward to seeing what awaits the characters this time around.

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