World Cup Inspired: Brazil

I wasn’t planning on featuring Brazil here as I’ve actually only read two relevant books, both of which are written by the same author, but in the light of that devastating defeat last night…

Brazil! The fifth largest country in the world, home to one of the seven wonders and 25% of the world’s rain-forests, Brazil sounds like the sort of place you’d want to base your novel in.

The books I’m going to mention are:

A Company of Swans – Eva Ibbotson Set in the early twentieth century, this YA novel follows Harriet Morton, who sneaks away from home against her father’s wishes in order to join the ballet in the Amazon. It’s gripping and romantic and beautifully written – one of the easiest five stars I’ve ever given.

Journey to River Sea – Eva Ibbotson Another easy five stars; written for a slightly younger audience, this one follows English orphan Maia who is sent to live with her family in the Amazon. This fairy-tale-esque story is magical and beautiful and a really quick read.

If you’ve read either of these books – or anything by Eva Ibbotson – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

What other books set in Brazil can you recommend to me?

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day!



2 thoughts on “World Cup Inspired: Brazil

  1. So pleased to meet another fan of Eva Ibbotson. Her books are full of life and joy. Journey to the River Sea was the best book I had read since The Little Princess when I was a child!
    PS I am also one of Rosie’s reviewers.

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