Stories to Songs: Barbara – Marcel Mouloudji

Now, this is technically not a song based on a book, but I wanted to share it anyway!
The song is a musical interpretation of one of Jacques Prevert’s most famous poems: Barbara. Prevert (born in 1900) was a surrealist writer who consorted with the likes of Picasso and Dali, and whose poetry was full of his views (mostly critical!) about war, religion, education and family.
This poem in particular is about war and memories, and the lyrics ‘Rappelle-toi, Barbara’ literally mean ‘Remember, Barbara’. I think the way the music echoes the poignant yearning of the poem is really quite magical.
If you like this sort of thing, a huge number of Prevert’s poems have been made into songs, sung by big names like Edith Piaf. I recommend looking it up!

What are your thoughts on reading literature in a language other than your mother-tongue? Do you have any suggestions of literature-inspired music I should listen to?

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!


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